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We feel this is a treasure chest of memories

The purpose of the museum is to preserve the history and traditions of Owatonna High School.  Since 1992, the OHS Museum at Owatonna High School has evolved into an interesting mix of professionally showcased memorabilia.  Over 4,000 museum items - some from as far back as 1877 - have been donated by more than 650 OHS graduates, faculty, and community members.  A volunteer advisory committee acts as administrators for the museum.

The Owatonna High School Museum is located on the main floor of the 1921 building.  It is open to visit during athletic contests and performing arts events. 

Tours may also be scheduled by contacting the museum (507/444-8800) or Darryl Hill (507/451-5073).  Tours are provided by Darryl Hill (former assistant principal) who is passionate about preserving the history of the Owatonna High School.


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